Fashion Psych 101

Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy.
— Albert Einstein

Your wardrobe tells a story. What is your story?


 Any time a person gets dressed there is a reason, whether conscious or subconscious, that they chose to wear what they did. Apparel is a huge part of every culture. It is a basic daily human necessity to clothe the body.

 When people are conscious about their health, they are particular about their diet. When they pick out a new car, or a new living room rug it is always based on preconceived notions of a personal aesthetic ideal. Because getting dressed is a daily occurrence, we can get lost in the mundane of routine. A part of us gives in to the thought that getting dressed is simply something to check off of the list day by day. Let me remind you that this mentality of dress as mundane will reflect in your fashion choices. Is it not apparent when someone does not "care about fashion"? We see it everywhere, and we recognize it as apathy. Sometimes we even make gendered blanket statements such as, "Most men do not care about what they wear. They put on a t-shirt and jeans every day. Fashion is catered mostly to women."




Let me remind you about the power of a fashion statement. You are sending a subliminal message to the world about who you are without saying a word. Did you know that the instant you meet someone they start forming opinions about you? Within seven seconds of the encounter, they have already formed ideas about what type of person you are. A good fashion statement holds the key to representing yourself to the world as you desire.

 We appear well-educated and refined when we dress well. It tells the world that we are aware of the implications that our fashion choices hold. 

Fashion is essential to the daily life of every person, even those who do not find joy in the art of dressing. Your choice to take no interest in fashion is telling a story within itself. Whether you like it or not, your wardrobe tells a story. What is your story?