You Are The Party

If you are not invited, it doesn't matter. Whoever didn't invite you just missed out on the party.

 Celebrating life is becoming a norm for myself. Life is short. If we don't start celebrating the days we are given now, we might miss out on the opportunity. If we can learn to celebrate through the hard times, then nothing this world throws our way will bring us down.

 You might be wondering how to do that. If you are like me, you are. Life has robbed you of everything sacred and you are clinging to any sign of hope that comes in your range of vision. I understand that more than most anyone could. I am here to encourage you, and show you how to find a way to keep on living, dreaming, and celebrating.

 I made a list of ways to celebrate life every day, how entrepreneurial of me.

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1) Find inspiration and take action. I put pompoms on my ceiling today as a visual reminder every morning when I wake up that the day is a gift to be celebrated. If you need to take some time away to find inspiration, do so. Without vision, the people perish.

2) Love your body. Celebrate it. You are a temple, the Kingdom of God is within you. Stay in tune with your needs, and learn to say no. As I learn to do that, I find that I am refreshed and ready for things that really matter. I am equipped to pursue my life goals and passions. 

3) Recognize the endless possibilities, and let them excite you. No man is ever stuck. Period. Use the power God has given you to make things happen. Go after what you want, and embrace the unknown.  

4) Party often for unconventional reasons. Party in your mind and your heart. Party when you are in the shower. Host gatherings in your home on random occasions with people who bring the party. Always party, just because.