Spontaneity is Key

 This one is for the dreamers, the losers who never seem to win. This is for the ones who know they were created for something so much bigger. This is for the discontent, for the seekers who refuse to give up until they find. This one is for the artists who will not be content to leave this world unless they've left their mark.

 Have you ever thought to yourself, "I really do not fit into the societal model"? Some of you just had a brain cramp, and some of you felt that instant recognition. If you understand, you are not alone. This is my reality. I am compelled to challenge the status quo. I have no fear in confronting the strong who take advantage of the weak. Something inside me will not sit down and shut up. This woman inside keeps rearing her socially unacceptable head. The hurting and dying inside of me is rising up for those who are like me. We will not be silent.

 Another way of putting it is, God gave me my own drum so I could march to the beat of it. "Beat a little louder for the people in the back!"

 Maybe you do not relate to this at all. You are a traditionalist. You are not fond of change or confrontation. You have a set time to complete things. You never miss your "quiet time", you're on time to church every week. Your life is structured. Power to you. Nothing wrong with that. I have envied you for most of my life.

 After trying to "structure" my life for over twenty years, I have embraced God's design for my life and my mind. He never intended for me to fit inside a mold. The world needs to know that this is not a problem. We are not a problem. Those like me are not a nuisance to society, or someone you cannot trust. Our rooms are messy, our minds are busy winning the Nascar race, and we definitely do not see the world the way that you do. We do not set aside a time to pray once a day. Our lives are a constant dialogue with God, including the silence and the anger. We are not "failing at spirituality", as if that was even a thing.

 If we as humans do not start opening our hearts and minds to the possibility that we are wrong, and that we've been wrong for decades, lives are going to continue to be lost. I know this for a fact because I have seen stigma and prejudice rear its repulsive head over and over like a sick, never ending song. Humility is calling.

 If you can relate to me, embrace who you are. That will never change. God makes no mistakes. Preach Truth to yourself when the world, your peers, your environment, society, and yes, even the church tell you otherwise. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.