'Classic Cousin Street Style' Inspired by Kate


Alwaysm: When you get dressed in the morning, do you have a certain ‘look’ that you’re going for?

 Hailey Neds: “My favorite style person is Kate Middleton. So, I like a lot of her stuff. She’s very classic, so I usually have a lot of really classic pieces and then I like to go a bit different with my tops. Like, something on them that makes them a little bit different.”

 Alwaysm: Like polka dots!

 Hailey: “Yeah, like a zipper, and stuff like that. Just different things that kind of stand out. My pants are usually very simple. And I like shoes a lot."


Cool. So what is it about Kate Middleton’s style that attracts your eye?

 “I feel like part of it’s that it is really relatable. It’s something I feel like I could go and get at a store. I see a lot of celebrities wearing stuff, and I have no idea where I would buy that from. But with her I feel like I could go and actually pick something out at the store that is similar to what she’s wearing. I’m not super creative when it comes to wearing clothes, so I want something classic.”

 So then, do you feel like that classic style represents your personality?

 “Yeah. Because I’m not, like, super crazy or over the top.”

 So she says….


 “Yeah, so usually I just go with basics in clothes.”

 So , if you had the opportunity to change your style, you wouldn’t. You like your style.


 When did you realize that was your style?

 “Umm, I don’t know. Probably in the last few years. I’ve never been somebody who really liked trends. If I like it I’ll wear it, but I just kind of wear what I like. I have always been like that.”

 Cool. So if someone were to ask you to describe your style, would you have an answer?

 “Not really. Mostly, it’s what’s easy. I don’t like to get super complicated. I like to get a lot of pieces that are basic and mix and match. I need it to be quick because I’m always on-the-go.  I don’t really sit and think about my style a whole lot.”

 Yeah. Do you feel like defining your own style is something that you’d be interested in working toward?

 “Yeah! I’m always down. I love clothes, and I love finding things that go together. I’m not always great at picking things out to that go together, but I enjoy it. I’m really into accessories. Earrings are a big part of what I like to wear.

 Sweet. Last question. How do you feel about Napoleon Dynamite’s style?

*laughs* I have a Vote for Pedro shirt. 

 I’m voting for Pedro this year. He’s our only hope.

 “Help us, Pedro! You’re our only hope!”