The Real Real To The Club

for the mentally powerful-

the world calls us sick. we are. we are.

breakin out of the cells, we have got to get out

no, i wasn’t created to follow human power,

no money or fame is the end of the game

i have to be real

i have to fight

through the crowd to make my

tiny voice heard

because you don’t forget what the bottom

is like and you can’t know

because its ‘something you’ve heard’.

is winning the goal? I thought losing was it.

if losing is winning than that’s right where I fit.

that’s right, living this life is like fist fighting the wind.

please! somebody listen to me, will somebody listen?!

Lord Jesus, come quick.’

i know. i know. I KNOW. i understand.

without the will to, they never will.

give me your hand. that is what I need.

you’re more than all that.