Finding Your Unique Style

It takes many faux pas to create personal style. If you form the habit of emulating a look, your style will be good but never great. To be your best is to be yourself. 


What Does It Mean To Be Yourself?

 To be yourself is to be human. To be human is to make mistakes before understanding yourself, and what life is really about.

 Creating personal style takes time and attention. Many people have no idea where to start, or are not willing to invest in themselves. Are you willing to invest in your personal style?

 Start with you. Embark on a journey of deciding what you like, and what you dislike. In years past, I went through a phase of obsession with jumpsuits. I own more jumpsuits than any other apparel item. They will never expire, because I love them. They are a staple. When I wear a jumpsuit and blazer in the office, people think that I run the place. I know what I love, therefore I own the look. It is mine. I have also discovered that I am an Adidas woman. Baseball caps also represent the female athlete at my core. 

 What represents you best? Why? What style era is your favorite? What colors do you identify with? Does something in a magazine catch your eye? Study fashion looks that appeal to you, and find the common factors.

 Creating your style will take time. Do not expect to feel good about your fashion sense overnight. When I started my style journey almost ten years ago, I took some serious risks. I did not start out as a fashionista, but as one who proudly displayed her faux pas. The only way to discover your unique style is by taking those risks. A style journey as personalized as this never really ends, as you and I are ever-changing individuals. 

 You can buy a dress for its designer label, or you can buy items that represent you. Better style can be expressed while wearing Good Will items than while wearing Gucci. It is all about being yourself. 

Let the outfit speak on your behalf.  You have a blank canvas, and an empty page. What do you want to say? The world is listening.

What Do You Want To Say?

*Photographs by Alicyn Lee

Crop Top Calvin Klien for UO, Shoes Adidas NEO,  Jeans Vintage White House Black Market, Vest Military Style Anthropologie, Detriot Tigers Cap LIDS