What Matters To You?

What Matters To You?

 This weekend, I decided to create my own fashion statement that represents my personal convictions. When I walk in the room, people will know where I stand.

 I have been raising awareness for the lost practice of mathematical and logical reasoning for a few years now. I feel it is the human condition to react rather than pre-consider. You understand what I mean. 

 The status of logic as lost art came to my attention while observing the many conflicts of secular groups and individualist zealots all the way to conservative associations and traditional religious environments. 

 The problem I see is that our unique life experiences create differences. These differences cause friction and anger, of which I am the first to partake. We have forgotten that our individual biases, though real to us, are not truth. Our upbringing, education, and environment is so deeply ingrained in our identity that we subconsciously assume everything we have experienced is universal reality. We forget to hold everything we know and have been taught up to the light of truth and logic. God created logic. It absolutely is not the enemy.

Truth and logic are co-dependent. Without logic, we do not fully understand the truth. Without truth, logic is meaningless.

This is my voice. This is my fashion statement.

What is yours?