Summer 2017 Fashion Trends





Anna of This Beautiful Life is modeling some more great trends. These are trends from Summer 2017, but a great trend can be worn well beyond its appointed time. Don't let a good thing die! And yes, white after labor day is only a crime because it looks so good.


White Shirt Dress

Navel Grazing Pendant

Platform/Flatform Shoes

There are so many variations of these trends. I always say, endless possibility excites me. Incorporating your personal fashion 'loves' into a trending look is a great way to 'catch eyes'. People will tell you that you have something awesome going on with your style. Trust me! Being authentic is the only way to be. You look the greatest bein' you. 

Check out Anna's blog for a detailed look at her Summer '17 Makeup Look, with tutorial. Click HERE.  

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Summer 2017 Fashion Trends


 This look has been popular this Summer and is great anytime the heat strikes! 


The "Bra Out" Trend of 2017

Throw a button down over a crop top/bralette and leave it open for the summer breeze to make its way in. I don't know about you, but I am always finding ways to stay cool in these Texas Scorchers. They get me so sizzling that I am forced to stop and take precautions.

The skirt and the booties shown are a Buffalo Exchange purchase. The belt is from the White House Black Market Fall '15 Collection. If you plan ahead, certain items in your wardrobe can last a lifetime. This go-to brown/neutral belt wasn't a planned purchase, but once in a great while you will get lucky.


Get this awesome, light and breezy summer '17 makeup look by makeup artist/Youtube personality, Anna Proffitt.

Click here: This Beautiful Life. 


         BRA OUT


What Matters To You?

What Matters To You?

 This weekend, I decided to create my own fashion statement that represents my personal convictions. When I walk in the room, people will know where I stand.

 I have been raising awareness for the lost practice of mathematical and logical reasoning for a few years now. I feel it is the human condition to react rather than pre-consider. You understand what I mean. 

 The status of logic as lost art came to my attention while observing the many conflicts of secular groups and individualist zealots all the way to conservative associations and traditional religious environments. 

 The problem I see is that our unique life experiences create differences. These differences cause friction and anger, of which I am the first to partake. We have forgotten that our individual biases, though real to us, are not truth. Our upbringing, education, and environment is so deeply ingrained in our identity that we subconsciously assume everything we have experienced is universal reality. We forget to hold everything we know and have been taught up to the light of truth and logic. God created logic. It absolutely is not the enemy.

Truth and logic are co-dependent. Without logic, we do not fully understand the truth. Without truth, logic is meaningless.

This is my voice. This is my fashion statement.

What is yours?