Crazy Eccentric Fashion

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Are You Crazy Too?


 Socks and sandals may sound like a middle-age dad fad, but you can wear it too. You can make anything your own. If you are feeling brave, a fashion statement is a good way to let the world know. Some days we might need that, you know?

 The best part about socks and sandals is that is doesn't make sense to most outside perspectives from the get-go. So BE free. Once you're there, you might as well bring it home. No one sees the reasoning behind any of your decisions in life, anyway. People will always judge.

 Will you go out and be you? Or will you tone yourself down, condition yourself to the expectation of others, and hold it all in?

 Everyone has a voice. Yours may look nothing like mine, and that is good. Nobody fits the mold because, there isn't one. That is exciting to me. There is no one with the same DNA as you on the planet, nor has there ever been, nor ever will be. It's yours. Work it, diva.





Work That Professional Upper Edge Feat. Betabrand

"Part of being a boss is showing the world that you respect and care about yourself....Everything starts there."


 Ladies, if you are like me, you know that you are a boss and you expect people to respect you as such. One part of being a boss is taking care of things. You have to take care of business. The other part of being a boss is showing the world that you respect and care about yourself. People will never entrust you to accomplish their business needs if upon first glance it is clear that you do not take care of yourself. Everything starts there.

 Every time I step into the office, it is important for me to make a statement. I am different. I am unique. I am powerful, and I bring ideas to the table that people have never considered. That is why I add an unexpected, quirky edge to all of my business wear. I have worked at it, and I have found ways to dress unconventionally and still look professional. Working a nine to five does not mean you have to wear the solid pant suit and white blouse three days a week, and switch over to the pencil skirt on the other two.

 I am wearing a black jumpsuit here and a tailored bold pattern jacket. The great thing about a black jumpsuit is its versatility. I can wear a black jacket with it and add a statement necklace. I can wear a black jacket with detail. If you do not own a black jumpsuit, never fear! You can imitate the look with professional pants, such as these pants at Betabrand, and a black blouse. From there you can change the jacket. The list of possibilities never ends. Endless possibilities excite me like nothing else in this world. Your wardrobe is your blank palette.

 Taking good care of your clothing items is another key to looking like a boss. Here are some great hacks and tips on keeping your clothes looking top notch. (See chart below)

There you have it, lady bosses. You know what to do.