A Body Image Journey // Brittany Nunn

Brittany Nunn is 6 feet tall, and although today she loves this unique feature, it took her a few years to be comfortable in her own skin. She lives in Dallas, where she works as a marketing professional and freelance reporter. She is the creator of the website uniquelyhuman.org, which features human interest storytelling from a Christian perspective.


Alwaysm: Tell me about a time you had a negative thought about your body.

Brittany Nunn: "Since I have gotten into a relationship, I have put on weight. Not a lot, like five or seven pounds. It’s funny how even though it's not a lot, society says you have to be so skinny, to the point that it's unhealthy. It really took me a while to adjust to the fact that I am just going to be five pounds heavier now, and that’s just the way it is. There were times when it was so on my mind that I would go out with my boyfriend, and I would be wearing some dress or outfit and all I could think was 'I would look better in this if I hadn’t gained that five pounds.' And that thought was constantly there. 'Oh my gosh, I look so fat right now. I can’t believe it. I feel fat, I look fat. Does he think I look fat?' Those thoughts would just be in my mind. And for a while, it really affected me."


How did you respond to those thoughts?

 "I think I realized that it wasn’t a healthy way of thinking about myself. I was able to recognize that. But I don’t know that I have a healthy way of combating thoughts like that. It’s not something that’s really a part of my daily life. It’s not like every single day I have all this negative self talk about my body, but its usually during times of feeling more insecure in general. In a lot of ways, what I had to realize was that it was the level of self obsession that was unhealthy. No one else was thinking 'Wow, that girl is really fat.' That was what was happening in my head. I was being judgmental on myself and no one else was. I was just being self-centered, to have that level of self obsession and self-centeredness was what was keeping me from being able to enjoy life, and keeping me from having fun. Here I am on this date with my boyfriend who thinks I am beautiful, but I am sitting here like 'Oh my gosh, can I eat that? Because if I eat that, I am going to feel bloated, and then I’m going to feel even more fat.'"

Was there ever a time that you felt bad about your appearance or any particular feature that lasted for more than a year?

"Yeah, I have certain body features that I have always felt insecure about. And I have for really my whole life. I think I have really wide shoulders and a really small head. I have to always dress to that. I don’t wear clothes that make my shoulders look bigger. I try to wear clothes that make my shoulders look slimmer. I don’t actually like to wear my hair pulled back. I do it a lot because it's convenient, but I am always aware of and self conscious of that. I just feel like my shoulders feel big and bulky, so there are certain dresses {I won’t wear}. Although, like I said, other people wouldn’t notice or say anything about it. I am always thinking, 'Oh, I just can’t wear that because it makes my shoulders look too wide.'"

What did you do or what happened in order for you to overcome that?

"I adjusted my clothing. Also, I was always really skinny in high school, and as we get older, we all just naturally fill out more. Now I’m a lot more comfortable with that. You just have to adjust to the fact that you’re not a fourteen year old anymore, and you shouldn’t have a fourteen year old body."

What are your favorite personal features?

"I do really like being tall. I love that I’m tall. It took me a while to adjust to that. Like, when I was in high school I didn’t love it because I was so much taller than everyone. I hadn’t quite grown into my body yet. I hit this growth spurt, and I was all knees and elbows. I was kind of an awkward height. But once, I think around college, I grew into my body I really started loving being tall. And I do now, a whole lot. I feel like its something that’s a little different, and kind of unique, and it is something that I have that not a lot of people do."

What part of this outfit we chose represents you best? Why?

"I felt like it looked like a nice, quality jacket. But it also looked different. I like stuff that kind of pushes the fashion boundaries, things that other people even might look at and think, 'That’s a little weird.' There is another reason I like this jacket. I am six feet tall, and there are not a lot of women that are six feet tall. I really enjoy wearing fashion that is well suited to someone who is six feet tall, because I feel like not everyone can do that. I kind of am in this body type that not everyone can wear the stuff that I wear. And I can’t wear a lot of stuff other people can wear. So that’s something I am very conscious about when shopping. I enjoy saying, 'This is cool because it's not something just anyone could wear.' For example with that jacket, because it was long, there are a lot of people who wouldn’t want to wear something like that. But, because I am six feet tall, it didn’t swallow me up. I have a lot of body to cover up. That is something fashion-wise that I really enjoy playing around with. It's like, 'Okay, some stuff works for me that doesn’t work for others, and there’s a lot of stuff that is made for an average size person that doesn’t work for me.'”

Have you thought about creative ways to accent your favorite bodily features? What might that look like?

"I’m a big fan of skinny jeans, and any long things. I feel like there are some things I can kind of get away with. I love when I see other tall girls who wear edgy clothes. I’m like, 'Ahh, that looks so good on you and I kind of want to steal that now.'"


*This interview was lightly edited for clarity and brevity