Embrace The original

Masterpiece That Is YOU.


My Story

 Hello, my name is Melissa Anthony. I was immersed into a strict, conservative religious environment at a young age, where I learned how to navigate the world. The legalism I was raised in restricted my creative soul. As a child, I constantly had a different artistic project up my sleeve. I experimented with every creative hobby known to man, from cake decorating to knitting to jewelry making. With fashion, it was another story. Every day as I got dressed, I was assessed to ensure modesty and appropriateness. As I grew older I began claiming the freedom to make my own decisions and creative juices began to flow. I experimented with my personal style on a daily basis. Being a shy young woman I desired to be seen, to be unique, and to make my voice heard. This came to fruition specifically regarding the way that I dressed. I have been mixing and matching clothing items in my wardrobe, creating as many outfit combinations as possible, from young adulthood up until today. My life has been filled with intense feelings of worthlessness. As a child, I was unaware that I had anything of value to offer the world. Using fashion as my guide, I began making a statement to the world about who I was. It was my own tool for empowerment, my therapy. My greatest passion is to see other women discover who they are and to express that confidently. We, as women, are created in the image of God and are irreplaceable. The Truth about my identity inspires everything that I do. My company name, Alwaysm, represents the truth that I, Melissa [m], will always be the woman God created and intended me to be. The brand logo is styled in my own handwriting, so as to reiterate my acceptance of the individuality God has blessed me with.

 As God's Empress, You have His story in your DNA. He has a very specific and unique purpose for you. You are not designed the way you are by coincidence, and God never makes mistakes. He has had His masterful Hand on you from the womb. I want every single woman of every nationality, race, background, religion, ethnicity, to understand this Truth, to embrace it fully, and to wear it confidently.

You are Monumental.

Embrace the Original Masterpiece that is YOU.



 I have five years of experience in the fashion merchandising industry. I worked as a merchandiser for Stein Mart in ladies' apparel, as well as men's apparel. I was responsible for wardrobe displays before special visits, and was recognized by Jay Stein as a valuable member of the visual team.

 As a personal stylist at White House Black Market, one of my duties was to build a client base in Dallas. I have been successful in retail fashion sales.

 Along with these careers in the industry, I have trained myself intensely on my personal style preference. I always base my style on my personality and self-expression first and foremost. Secondly, I will incorporate current trends. Be sure to check out my site's blog section, where I not only discuss fashion topics, but also important social awareness topics, current events, and my personal visions for world change.

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