Discover your unique life motto and turn it into a style statement.

Broadcast who you are when you walk into the room without saying a word.

 Develop your personal style as a tool for self-empowerment.



Empowerment Counseling

 I have spent most of my life believing the lies that I am not skinny enough, not smart enough, that I have nothing to offer, and that I am ugly and awkward. By actively changing my thoughts and preaching truth to myself, I have formed a habit of intentionally embracing every part of myself. I have found the freedom to love myself, exactly as I am. I will walk you through the specific techniques and life changing mindsets that have been most helpful in my journey. I desire to meet you where you are, and guide you toward a place of freedom. 

Fashion COaching

 Because I use fashion as a way of telling the world who I am, it will be my pleasure to coach you in doing the same. My services are atypical personal styling services, as my goal is to help find your own, unique voice. I will be an outside professional fashion opinion, as well as your personal styling coach. Let's show 'em who you are!